Our friends at Fix Coffee + Bikes will be resuming their summer ride series for 2020. Check their page for more details. These easy rides are perfect for beginners and they welcome anyone and any type of bicycle!
Zwift Meetups - Fridays @6pm
When the weather is too harsh for our bikes, we let them stay inside, but we still (virtually) ride together. Join us (virtually) on Zwift for a group ride. You'll need a Zwift setup and an invite - contact us on social media for the latter!

Social Rides in 2019

With the winter settling, we are not holding organized social rides in 2019 anymore. Have a look at what we did this past year, which is a good overview for the year to come!
Hill Climb Series - Bloor x St. George @ 6:20am

During the fall, we meet at 6:20 am at Bloor and St. George every Tuesday* to tackle a few hills in the east end. We ride together at a social pace to the bottom of each hill and hammer up. And then we're out of breath and wait for everyone to go to the next hill. It's fun with a bit of competition. We have rankings updated every week: the fastest up the hill according to Strava gets points. It's also good training and a personal challenge, so don't be afraid to come.

It will be dark in the morning so lights are mandatory. Also, stay tuned on Slack for updates.

*Weather conditions may apply.

Wednesday Rides - Bike Depot @ 6:00pm

With the promise of warm weather comes a return to our regularly-scheduled programming. Starting next Wednesday (May 8th) and running until early September we'll again be hosting our 6:00 PM Wednesday night rides. We will be leaving from Bike Depot Toronto (1222 Bloor Street West) and the ride will end in the area around 7:30-8:00 PM. This year we will be hosting two groups: a faster group and an introductory group. In both cases the ride is meant to focus on developing group riding skills, exploring some local training routes, and of course having fun while becoming stronger and smarter riders!

Be sure to get your UTRR membership before attending. Helmets, lights, and emergency flat kit are mandatory.

Last Wednesday Ride on October 2nd!

Past event | POC Ride

We are so excited to announce our first POC (people of colour) ride! UTRR members and non-members are welcome to join us on Saturday May 11th, 2:00 PM at the High Park North entrance, at Bloor St. The route will be approximately 50km, chill pace, with a stop for coffee and treats at the end.

The cycling community can often feel very homogenous, especially to those who aren’t white, cisgender, straight men. As part of our effort to make road cycling/racing more accessible we will be rolling out a few rides specifically to bring together minorities within the cycling community, in hopes of building a stronger, more diverse group of local cyclists.

Women's Ride Day - Sat. June 1st

Super stoked to be participating in the women’s ride day on June 1st! All women and gender diverse road cyclists are welcome ☺️ This will be an intermediate no-drop ride. We’ve linked up with the Bateman’s team for this ride in order to get the biggest group of local riders that we can!

Pride Ride - June 21st @ 6:00pm
Meet us on June 21st-6pm at High Park north gates for a social ride to celebrate pride and meet other queer/trans/non-binary cyclists!